Master Palm Pneumatic Industrial Extended Air Die Grinder

Welcome to our Industrial Extended Air Die Grinder collection! Our die grinders have been manufactured to deliver precision, reliability and excellent performance. Their extended shafts ranging from 1" up to 11" provide effective reach and flexibility, making them an ideal choice for intricate applications. We offer a diverse range of extended air die grinders designed to cater to your specific needs, and all of our tools are internally balanced to prevent wobbling and provide a steady performance even after prolonged use.

Our Long Neck Right Angle Extended Air Die Grinder with 5-inch Shaft, the 38390, is an excellent tool that delivers 20,000 RPM of power, making it perfect for smooth and polished finishes. Need a high-performance straight-line extended air die grinder instead? Look at the Master Palm 30280, which comes with a 5-inch and 1/4-inch collect for a powerful and versatile tool. We also provide the Master Palm 1/4" and 1/8" Straight Air Die Grinder with 1 Inch Extended Shaft, perfect for heavy duty applications that demand durability.

Our extended die grinders come in different shapes and sizes, such as the Industrial Extended Straight Air Die Grinder with 2-inch Extension that delivers 3800 RPM, 0.9 Hp of power, and the Master Palm 38270 Industrial 7-inch Extended Shaft Straight Air Die Grinder that comes with 1/4" and 1/8" collets. We cater to every professional's need with our extending shafts, including horizontal straight air grinders such as the Industrial 12-inch Extended Shaft Horizontal Straight Air Grinder that offers 1.2 Hp and an exceptional 16500 RPM, and the Industrial 17-inch Straight Inline Extended Air Die Grinder With its 11-inch extended shaft, 17000 RPM, 38370, that features an outstanding performance.

All of our extended air die grinders are engineered to handle continuous spinning required by demanding applications, allowing you to access even hard-to-reach spaces with ease, and achieve superior finishes every time. Our collection offers unrivaled capabilities, precise performance, and exceptional reliability, making our extended air die grinders the perfect choice for tasks that demand extensive reach and maneuverability in intricate applications. Trust the world's best with Master Palm Pneumatic Industrial Wholesale, and upgrade to our extended air die grinders today!