How To Replace Jacobs Chuck On Master Palm Pneumatic Air Drills

Master Palm pneumatic air drills are equipped with Jacobs Chucks, however, tool users might replace the default air drill chuck with different brand or higher end of Jacobs Chuck or adjust the free speed themselves. Today we are providing instructions on how to replace the Chuck yourself.


  1. You will need a powered screwdriver with allen bit or cross bit or depending on the screw used in the drill you want to remove the chuck, either air powered or electric powered. Do not use manual screwdriver.
  2. Open the chuck jaw fully,  in the center of the chuck jaw, you will find a centered screw.
  3. Use the air or electric powered screwdriver and spin counter clockwise direction to loosen the screw.
  4. Fix the air drill housing body on your working table,
  5. Hold the front chuck 
  6. Power up the air drill at reverse direction to detach the chuck from the air drill.
  7. Replace the Chuck with your own Chuck by following the reverse order of the steps above. Make sure you are using compatible thread size chuck shaft. 

Demonstration Video:

28550 Pistol Grip Air Drill Chuck Replacement Demonstration

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